Beauty Rebelz was founded by two sisters that wanted to build a community where all women can feel welcomed and warmly embraced. We want women of all shapes, sizes, colors and personalities to feel comfortable in their own skin. We took years to develop high quality products that will help women REACH, MAXIMIZE and MAINTAIN their goals. Our brand was built on the idea of empowering women to feel bold and beautiful without being judged or feeling ashamed of their body. Beauty Rebelz have been established since 2015 and we are known for having high quality products that work, as well as increase your fitness & body goals. 

Although we are known to have the best waist shapers on the market, we work every day on ways that we can improve and satisfy all of our customers. Without our Beauty Rebel Gang, there would be no Beauty Rebelz. As our brand continue to grow we will continue to expand and launch new products that will not only satisfy you but help you transform into the true Beauty Rebel that you are!